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Agreed exports at the fair in Moscow

 BELGRADE - Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency of Serbia (SIEPA) estimated yesterday that Serbian firms who are represented at the Fair Building in Moscow achieve exports worth more than a million euros thanks to the participation at the fair.

Eight Serbian companies at the fair Mosbild in Moscow, which was held from 1 to 4 April, generated 70 serious contacts, and one contract is concluded. Manufacturer of transformers, "Elma TT" signed a contract to export to Russia in the amount of 80,000 euros, and there is planning for larger contract, worth 500,000 euros.
In addition to "Elma TT", the fair was attended by producer taps and showers, "RPC Pesovic, panel radiator factory" Elma "from Velika Plana, a company for installation of public lighting" Amiga "and the company for the protection of monuments of moisture," HIO protekšen HPS Systems .
At the fair were presented and manufacturer of electrical and switch "Metalka Majur, a manufacturer of lighting equipment" Buck "and the company for the production of furniture and interior equipment" Enter. "
Source: Agency BETA



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