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About us


ELMA TT Factory is a manufacturer of dry transformers and ballasts with 60th year tradition and well known supplier of European manufacturers. In Backa Topola this production has existed for 10 years and currently employs about 40 workers.

General Electric Fitelec (CH) over Elma TT Ljubljana offered the possibility of relocation of machine park for the organization of production at the new location. Backa Topola traditionally been the ideal environment for the production. Pesonnel that existed in this area in the past have been appreciated, and the invention have proven in the tradition of over 40 years of similar production in Backa Topola, which resulted in a rapid and efficient implementation of the idea of production.

Today we export over 90 percent of production mainly to the EU market and most buyers are in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Slovenia, but we sold products on the U.S., Canada, Australia, Egypt market and the markets of neighboring countries.

Exhibited in many exhibitions in Moscow, Paris, Hanover, Belgrade, Subotica and in Tirana.

Production of the charger is done by our own technology, a large part of the chargers we have good cooperation with famous producers from the EU, while welding machines produced and sold in cooperation with the ISKRA welding from Ljubljana.

ELMA TT in the past has a program for the battery charger for automobile, starters for starting trucks, tractors and other machinery from the electrical network.

As a special program to develop are ballasts for lighting, for industrial use and various lamps.

General manager

  • Anton Pušar


  • Production manager

    Lajoš Harangozo
  • Engineer

    Ađaš zoltan
  • Bookkeeping

    Mira Petković


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  • Address

    Glavna 85 24300 Bačka Topola Serbia
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    +381 24 712 910
    +381 24 715 933
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    +381 24 715 805
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