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ELMA TT increases the quality of production


The ELMA TT transformer factory in Backa Topola has just completed control standards applied in the production

of the Dutch partners.


This is a detailed control of every segment of production that ensures the establishment of a complete quality management (TQM), and which serves to prevent the emergence of irregularities in the production, the conduct of its liquid, and cut them with an emphasis on the productivity of the whole system.
Both parties agreed that the quality of products in accordance with the standards set forth and to continue the same path. Namely, ELMA TT exports about 90% of its production to European markets where quality standards are high, but strict. What is our marketing director Mark Predojević said: "Dutch partner did not hide his satisfaction that there is room for expansion of cooperation, as our side is pleased to accept as very important for the further development of the plant.
Photo: Mark Predojević
Author: ELMA TT office of public relations



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