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ELMA TT in Backa Topola expands production

 Transformer company ELMA TT in Backa Topola this year plans to increase production for 30 percent

compared to last year, when the world economic crisis decline of production by one fifth. Production should be export on the Danish, Dutch and Italian markets. According to company directors Stanko Predojević is expected that the first contract with partners from the Netherlands to be concluded as early as in March.

The main export product ELMA TT is a dry transformer, and last year's production of transformers used in dedicated industry and hospitals. In addition to manufactured equipment for welding and chargers, and ballasts for public lighting to be placed on domestic market. The company, which is part of the Slovenian Group ELMA TT employs approximately 45 workers and per shift on one year average produce is 1000 tons of transformers.

ELMA TT in Backa Topola, in the last 8 years invested € 1,500,000.00 to build a new facility and new equipment, whose capacity is to enable more work per shift.


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