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Broadcast - Leaders of business

 Broadcast - Leaders of business. The beginnings of the first investment in Backa Topola. TV K54. 


ELMA TT company, with the majority of foreign capital, was founded in Backa Topola in 2001. Produce dry transformers and devices and 90 percent of production sold on world markets in Germany, Greece, Slovenia, Canada, Australia and etc. Monthly upload about 20 tons of products. The foreign partners are satisfied with the quality of products and management and ready for new investments. 
'The next three months includes the deliveries of equipment from foreign partners delivering it in the quantity of 50 tons per month, while we spend about 30 and  twenty tons we planning for other consumers in our market. We have just finished production plant machines for Arc  welding and final negotiations with the Germans that we deliver  considerable quantity, it's about 20,000 welding machines for German market. Palarel develop production tyristor rectifiers and devices for welding in a protective environment CO2. Currently this production is being prepared and we expect the next 6 months that it can take. I have to say that we have the equipment supplied by General Electric factories in Switzerland, it is a global company, however, the equipment is used but quality that we achieve on it is that they are all here today satisfied. Plans is to expand this area volume and to accept, of course, everything is already in its final stage. I have say that partners from Africa came here to look at our equipment, technology and they looking for help to begin production of such devices that we already do for the west African market. This is something that is new but a little bit we want to put accent to that point, "are the words of director ELMA TT in Backa Topola Stanko Predojević. 
The company in Backa Topola is in the system of company ELMA TT GROUP. Management production regulated by the same software package. Communication and exchange information on production, investments, market prices are every day. 
'I must say that this is only a beginning of a production for which we believe to be able to have success both on the domestic market and foreign. I have to admit, children are given the idea, wholeheartedly support, train and studying in the environment that will be soon in Serbia like in Europe, says director Stanko Predojević. 
Author: ELMA TT office of public relations





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